Tuesday October 11, 2011

ReadMore v1.8

ReadMore v1.8 is approved and should be showing up in the app store any time over the next 24 hours. As mentioned before, this release requires iOS 4. Here’s what you get:

  • All new custom color picker! Tap the ”…” button when editing a book style. Choose any book color your want. Recent color choices are remembered for next time.

  • Book information lookup! You can now create new book records by searching for ISBN, title or author to prefill the information. Thanks for your patience waiting for this. I’m pretty sure that using Google Books API for this is a good decision in the long run.

  • Barcode scanning! Does your book have an ISBN barcode on the back? Tap the small barcode icon to the right of the book lookup search box and point the camera at the ISBN barcode. If Google Books has it in their records, it will show up to choose! Note, you may need a very steady hand and good lighting when scanning with an older iPhone or iPod touch because of the older camera and processor.

Progress to take advantage of the iOS 5 goodies is still underway. I have my sights set on better reporting and feedback, iCloud and iPad!