Tuesday May 10, 2011

ReadMore v1.6 - Backup/Restore

I just submitted ReadMore v1.6 for review this morning. This release has a couple of minor bug fixes, a page calculation bug fix, and the new Backup/Restore feature!

To help keep your data safe, you will be able to create backups of your database on the device and then transfer them out by either emailing them to yourself, or using the iTunes file transfer method. You can use iTunes file transfer to copy a backup file on to your device and then restore it in the app. This is also the official way to move your reading history from one iOS device to another.

And this release is the last one that will support iOS 3.x. Time is marching forward and it is much simpler to only support iOS 4.x and beyond. That will make it easier for me to continue the iPad universal version and keep working on the best way to synchronize data between devices.