Monday June 07, 2010

Notes, Notes, Notes

ReadMore’s most frequently requested feature has been submitted for review—book and session notes!

At first I wasn’t quite sure how useful this would be. Its not like you’re going to embark on full-research note taking using the on-screen iPhone keyboard. But as the request kept showing up again and again, and given the soon-to-be-released ability to pair Bluetooth keyboards with any OS 4.0 device, I figured I’d better get this feature implemented.

I didn’t expect to use it as much as I have. I now jot down at least one or two sentences at the conclusion of every reading session. It doesn’t have to be thorough, I just want to capture the gist of what I read. I find myself glancing back over these notes periodically as I sit down to start reading again. It gets me back into the frame of mind I had where I last left off.

Here’s how it will work. When you begin a reading session, there’s a new button on the timer to bring up the notes screen. The timer will keep running unless you pause it first. Jot down your thoughts as you go. Don’t worry about getting interrupted or quitting the app. Your note in progress is remembered automatically. When you finish the session, the notes are attached and viewable/editable in the session list.

Exporting your reading sessions and notes now works on a per-book basis. View any given book’s reading sessions and tap the export icon in the toolbar. Just like the archive export, you can email yourself the file and open it in your favorite spreadsheet.

I’ll tweet when the app has been approved and is live in the store. Thanks to all my beta testers for helping with this, and thanks specifically to Joe Fiorini and Josh Walsh for being so nitpicky!!

Don’t worry. Universal iPad support, better color selection for books, better reporting, and more are coming along, too.