Sunday May 02, 2010

ReadMore v1.2

ReadMore 1.2 has been submitted to the app store! Thanks to everyone who gave constructive feedback. The evolution of ReadMore marches on! Remember to contact me directly if you experience crashes. I can’t help if you leave a crash report in a review.

Here’s the scoop on the update:

  • Fixed a rare crashing bug when trying to enter a book for the first time
  • Books in the reading stack are now different sizes relative to each other’s page length
  • Added an indicator to books on the reading stack to show your progress
  • Even more performance tweaks…especially for the iPhone 3G
  • Minor tweaks and improvements to session and book editing workflow
  • Lots of changes under the hood in preparation for a universal version

Keep those feature suggestions coming. As usual, I can’t (and won’t) guarrantee your suggestion will make it into the app. But I take all feedback seriously and I try to keep the ReadMore experience simple, useful, and fun!