Monday April 05, 2010

ReadMore Update Coming Soon

I’ve had great responses and great feed back for ReadMore in the last two weeks. Thanks to all who’ve taken the time to leave rate and review in the App Store. I appreciate it!

I’m hoping to release version 1.1 in the next week or two. In addition to bug fixes, here’s the two big features on the way:

  • Reorder the Reading Stack - I originally didn’t envision the stack ever getting larger than one screen full, but it’s been clear that people are using ReadMore for their reading “wish list” as well as their reading history. This is the most requested feature and it will be ready soon.

  • Exporting Your Reading History - You’ll be able to export a simple view of your book history from a toolbar button in the Archive. I’ll be fleshing this out and letting you export reading sessions and other statistics eventually, but I wanted to get the ball rolling on export as soon as possible.

So, who else out there has an iPad now? I’ve been playing with mine and, while I’m glad you can run iPhone apps as is, it’s not a very compelling experience compared to the native and universal apps.

I plan to make ReadMore universal as soon as possible. That means you won’t have to use it on an iPad while boxed in the middle of the screen or pixel-doubled in size. Don’t expect new features or a super-snazzy interface on the iPad yet. I’m following in the footsteps of other developers who begin with simpler universal versions that give a better experience than running in the tiny box.

In addition to this, I’m working on a strategy to keep the reading log in sync between two devices. If you own two iPhone OS devices, don’t hesitate to use it while you read with iBooks or the Kindle app. As long as you don’t track the same book on both devices, the sync process will just merge everything fine when the time comes.