Tuesday March 23, 2010

ReadMore Launch!

I’m quite proud of this little gem. ReadMore started its life as a spreadsheet to track the books I read over 2009. It morphed over time into a gauge that let me peer into my reading habits. Some books are a breeze. Others require a lot of effort to follow along with the author. Out of those books, the more feedback I get about my pace through the material, the more motivated I am to finish what I started.

It’s like weight training or running a marathon. Anyone can start with enthusiasm, but to finish requires feedback and discipline. ReadMore can help with the feedback and I have some great ideas to add to it’s arsenal, soon. As far as discipline…well, you’re on your own on that one.

Curious to know more? Check out the demo video on the product page!

My thanks to Brad Colbow for his marvelous design work. He pays great attention to detail and I hope the translation of his ideas from Photoshop does his work justice. For those who didn’t know, Brad is also the evil genius behind the Navel Labs logo and he did the icon for the Wind-up Timer. Don’t forget to check out his great weekly comic.

Kudos to Apple for speeding up the review process. ReadMore has been in the App Store for a little over a week. It was approved in less than 36 hours. I submitted a bug fix/performance update a few days later and they approved that in less than twelve!