Tuesday January 05, 2010

He Gets It

While browsing the latest reviews for version 1.2 of the Pomodoro Timer, I was excited to read this one by JaySauce on December 24th, 2009.

I look at productivity apps almost as a hobby, this App for the Pomodoro Technique was a real gamble, as I saw the free one’s and the other digitized looking one, but this works. Simple, clean. Just having the Reminder Text Box is the real dealMaker as none of the other Pomodoros have it.

Maybe some of the tomato leaves to make it look like a tomato? I have a real Pomodoro timer, that looks like a teacup, and the physicality of setting the timer as opposed to entering digits on a tap-pad really makes sense. Great job!

Nice. He gets it. I wrote this app to be simple, physical, and just enough to get out of the way. Thanks, JaySauce, and I hope your productivity-app-hunt as a hobby doesn’t get in your way in 2010!