Wednesday January 13, 2010

Codemash iPhone Schedule App

Codemash is a regional programmers conference that meets at an indoor water park in Sandusky, OH. The fact that it’s an indoor water park is even more important when you realize it happens in the middle of the harsh Ohio winter.

You’ll find a nice representation of technology here. Open source, proprietary, Microsoft, Linux…it’s a good mix this year. The session list is impressive and overwhelming. How do you know what to attend?

Enter iCodeMash. It’s an iPhone app that loads in your browser and can be installed to your home screen by tapping ”+” at the bottom of the screen. (I’ve also heard it can work on Android phones, too!)

Once installed, you’ll have all the sessions at your fingertips complete with search and a map! And it automatically downloads updates to keep you in the loop.

It’s free, and open source. From Navel Labs with love. Enjoy!